And the winner is…..pause for drumroll…..FIRST GRAVE ON THE RIGHT!  by Darynda Jones.

Thanks so much to all 49 people who voted in the book poll (including those who logged in using Facebook). I hope to have the book review posted by this weekend.

For all of you loyal fans of Cheryl Kaye Tardif and Divine Intervention, have no fears. I will review the book also after First Grave, hopefully by the weekend after next. Both books look like fascinating forays into the world of the paranormal, using this mysterious dimension both for entertainment value and also for enlightenment purposes. Carl Jung did say (sometime in the 1930’s), that the West was moving out of its ‘rational’ phase into the ‘psychic phase’ (in his five phase schema for human psychological development) and the first sign of this would be an increased openness to the possibility of psychic abilities and paranormal phenomena. He did warn that this openness would be met with stiff resistance and skepticism from those individuals too ‘stuck’ in the rational mode. However,  he also cautioned that that there might also be the risk of a ‘descent’ back into a pre-rational mode of consciousness, replete with superstitions and irrational crazes, abnormalities which had been curbed by the transition to the ‘rational’ phase of human development. Nonetheless, the psychic phase represented a definite step forward into a more spiritual level of consciousness and needed to be nurtured and encouraged, using careful discernment to ensure humanity moved forward in spiritual development, and did not simply regress to a pre-rational mode of being. So…both of the above mystery thrillers are very much a part of this trend, wildly entertaining and fun to read but also part of a necessary and quite profound development in human consciousness.