Elizabeth is Missing

A resounding five stars:★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Finally a mystery thriller worth all the hype – yet how often is that statement  made, so as to become a cliche in itself. “Worth all the hype.” In this case, it’s Emma Healey’s 2014 Costa Book Award winning debut, Elizabeth is Missing. This was such a […] Read More

Skeleton Road

Skeleton Road by Val McDermid. Always a pleasure to read one of my very favorite crime novelists, Val McDemrid and this is one of her latest, Skeleton Road. This is an in-depth exploration of the brutal Yugoslav Wars of the 1990’s, seen through the plot device of a series of revenge killings. The protagonist is […] Read More

The Girl on the Train

I’ve just finished the hugely popular Girl on a Train, which – with tedious predictability – has been compared to the blockbuster of several years ago, Gone Girl. I read Gone Girl in two days and really wished I hadn’t bothered.  While I found it wickedly clever and stylishly written, it left me feeling completely empty […] Read More