Robert Harris Conclave Interview

Robert  Harris’s new thriller is set in a conclave. He talks about his love for the Vatican, his respect for the Pope, and how the Gospels left him ‘stunned’ As unseasonable October sunshine streams through a window high in Covent Garden, Robert Harris, the genial and welcoming author of Conclave, has every reason to be […] Read More

Bluff by Michael Kardos

Written by author Michael Kardos— Reading Bluff brings to mind Christopher Nolan’s movie of feuding magicians, The Prestige. In it there’s a scene explaining the three stages of a magic trick. First comes The Pledge. This is the starting point of the trick, and gives the audience some idea of what may happen – a watch may disappear, […] Read More

Book Review: Woman in the Window

Why read it: To find out what all the hype is about (5,000 reviewers on Amazon, 22,000 on GoodReads – and almost 200,000 ratings, four and half big stars). To prepare yourself for the mega Hollywood film adaptation, starring Amy Adams. A.J.Finn is now a rich man. Why not to read it (spoiler alert). Because the book finishes with the hackneyed device of the ‘psychopath […] Read More

Spies Russians Novochok?

Since we’re in the realm of crime fiction at this site, and we’re being subjected to a spectacular piece of political theatre all across Europe over the Skripal poisoning case at the moment,  let’s take a look at the BBC’s rather trashy TV spy series, Strike Back: Retribution. Here’s a short clip from Episode 4, […] Read More

Book Review: Ladle to the Grave

Never judge a book by its cover, as the old adage goes, and truth to tell I’ve been fooled in the past by not following that sage advice. Not so in this case, with Connie Archer’s charming cozy mystery, Ladle to the Grave, the fourth installment in her NYT bestselling Soup Lover’s Mystery series. I discovered […] Read More