Robert Harris Conclave Interview

Robert  Harris’s new thriller is set in a conclave. He talks about his love for the Vatican, his respect for the Pope, and how the Gospels left him ‘stunned’ As unseasonable October sunshine streams through a window high in Covent Garden, Robert Harris, the genial and welcoming author of Conclave, has every reason to be […] Read More

Book Review: The Fifth Gospel

Here is a review of Ian Caldwell’s bestseller, The Fifth Gospel, which I posted at some two months ago.  The Fifth Gospel is a complement to my earlier review of The Franciscan. Both are “Catholic” novels. The Fifth Gospel is an intelligent, erudite thriller that held me in suspense for the first 80% of the […] Read More

Spies Russians Novochok?

Since we’re in the realm of crime fiction at this site, and we’re being subjected to a spectacular piece of political theatre all across Europe over the Skripal poisoning case at the moment,  let’s take a look at the BBC’s rather trashy TV spy series, Strike Back: Retribution. Here’s a short clip from Episode 4, […] Read More

P.D. James Dies at 94

It is perfectly possible to remain within the constraints and conventions of the (crime and mystery) genre and be a serious writer, saying something true about men and women and their relationships and the society in which they live. P.D. James -3 August 1920; died 27 November 2014 The Grand Dame of British crime fiction, […] Read More