Book Review: The Fifth Gospel

Here is a review of Ian Caldwell’s bestseller, The Fifth Gospel, which I posted at some two months ago.  The Fifth Gospel is a complement to my earlier review of The Franciscan. Both are “Catholic” novels. The Fifth Gospel is an intelligent, erudite thriller that held me in suspense for the first 80% of the […] Read More

Book Review: Woman in the Window

Why read it: To find out what all the hype is about (5,000 reviewers on Amazon, 22,000 on GoodReads – and almost 200,000 ratings, four and half big stars). To prepare yourself for the mega Hollywood film adaptation, starring Amy Adams. A.J.Finn is now a rich man. Why not to read it (spoiler alert). Because the book finishes with the hackneyed device of the ‘psychopath […] Read More

The Girl on the Train

I’ve just finished the hugely popular Girl on a Train, which – with tedious predictability – has been compared to the blockbuster of several years ago, Gone Girl. I read Gone Girl in two days and really wished I hadn’t bothered.  While I found it wickedly clever and stylishly written, it left me feeling completely empty […] Read More

Book Review: The Franciscan

Partly because of my theological background, I was asked by the publishers to provide an honest review of The Franciscan, a religious suspense thriller by WR. Park. Written some fourteen years ago, the plot revolves around a fictional Pope Francis (from the Franciscan order) who attempts to introduce revolutionary reforms into the Catholic Church and who […] Read More